Whether they're lightweight or heavy, simple or embroidered, curtains are an essential element for stylish home decor. That's why we offer them in a variety of models and decorations that blend past craftsmanship with the needs of a modern shabby chic home.
Choose the ones that best suit your shop, but don't just display them on a rack: hang them in the storefront, gather them to one side, and present them alongside our coordinated textiles.
This way, you'll capture the hearts of those who love the graceful and poetic atmospheres of Blanc MariClo’. Discover the creations we have in store for you.

Long curtains

Ready to use but retaining the care and elegance of tailoring, they are ideal for the living room and bedroom. But why not also recommend them to enhance an entrance hall or imagine an out-of-the-ordinary room divider? 

You can choose from valance curtains, drapes with loops or ties, plain and patterned curtains, cotton, linen, velvet, lace, organza and voile panels.

Take your customers' needs into account and propose curtains according to the type of window, the furnishings and the brightness of the room. Show how to arrange, match and drape them to create a space that reflects the taste and needs of those who choose your shop.

Long curtains

Short curtains

Under the windowsill, there is a desk, a console, or a bench? Is the room small or a passage? Sheer curtains will prove to be the most functional and versatile solution for both windows and French doors.

Indicate how to fix them to the frame or finish them with top finishes. Propose creations with carved motifs for classic or country furnishings. Suggest lace ones for those who love the delicate and luminous charm of the shabby chic style.

Short curtains

Window Curtains

If your customers want to embellish their curtains or are looking for an elegant way to conceal the roller blind cassette, here's the textile to recommend. Mantovas for curtains to be mounted on the rod thanks to practical fabric ties. Items reminiscent of grandmother's trousseau work to create romantic settings in the living room or bedroom.
Proposed in cotton, linen, and voile to be paired with panel curtains or used alone for a refined yet sober decorative effect.

Window Curtains
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