About us

About us

Blanc MariClò is a family history, an Italian story where work and family come together in 1926.

First there is a grandfather, who sells fabrics and tarpaulins, then a father, who develops the production of a complete home linen collection and now two sisters, nephews and daughters, who decide to create a real total look for the house also producing furniture and home decorations.

The Blanc MariClò style is absolutely personal and recognizable, born from the memories of a Tuscan childhood and then evolved and integrated with the inspirations of a life in which everything becomes work. Every holiday or journey, book or art exhibition is thus transformed into the starting point for a new collection.

Today the brand boasts a worldwide distribution, from the heart of Tuscany day by day, step by step it has managed to conquer space in the best windows, from Italy to the Middle East, from the Far East to the Americas.

Our Vision

Our first mission is to imagine, even before creating or producing.

We must imagine the house as a space of hospitality and love, for family and friendship, for rest and joy. We must imagine atmospheres where feelings are the first stylistic note.

The attention to detail then becomes the tool to express care for those who live our spaces. We must imagine that our products can attend the small daily gestures is a commitment and an inexhaustible source of emotion

Our Vision

Our Values

The Blanc MariClò collections are the result of our personal history, like a filter that manages to make every new idea and inspiration unique and unrepeatable.

They are the memories of our Tuscan childhood, the family as a personal and work support value.

As women and working mothers, we are happy to manage a company with a large majority of female workers, and to try to create an harmonious working environment able to combine the needs of work and the needs of family.

Our Values

Creative Process

Each article comes from an idea that changes over time.
Through our hands it finds its creative form and thus becomes Blanc MariClò.

About Us

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Mariangela Federighi

"We win together"

When I started Blanc MariClò toghether with my sister Claudia, I was determined to create a line for the home that was romantic and country at the same time, because it did reflect my story, my life where I was born.
The Tuscan Country, where I lived and surraounded me, was my inspiration. The name Blanc Mariclò and its logo were created and hand designed in our first store in Florence, where I still remember being seated on the floor with no chairs nor furnitures among dust and rubbles.
Today, mum of 3 and continuously travelling, I get my inspirations from countries aroud the world, and from fashion..which is always in movement…a bit like me...



Claudia Federighi

"It's only rock and roll but i like it."

As perhaps all women, I am millions of seemingly contrasting things together: I like playing piano but I also love rock music, classical dance but also snowboarding. I love being in the country, and the season I prefer is autumn.
Everyone says that Mariangela and I are very similar, but we feel very different even if we have those identical and strong principles that guide us in dealing with life and therefore also work.
Blanc MariClò is the expression of ourselves. Creativity is something very close to its essence and every new collection is always a bit to reveal ourselves. The inspirations are the result of study, research, curiosity.

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