Enchanted Forest
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 Enchanted Forest 
  propositi per il 2019 --> Discover the lookbook

Flowers in Wonderland

Soft colors accompanied with the floral rose. Bunnies accompany the beautiful season, made of simple gestures and small pleasures to be enjoyed in the family.

Flowers in Wonderland

Cherry in love

Spring fills the air with perfumes and dresses the world with new and bright colors. A collection full of energy and passion to celebrate the return of summer.

Cherry in love
Blanc Life

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19/04/2018 - Video

The thread that unites us

Past and present are bound by a sweet thread that inspire us.Between art and tradition, looking to the future.

14/09/2018 - Video

Blanc Mariclò e la Fondazione Tommasino Bacciotti

Blanc Mariclò is proud to support the Tommasino Bacciotti foundation, helping to make the stay of these families in Florence more comfortable and cozy.

19/04/2018 - Brochure

A Family Business

Telling the story of Blanc Mariclo' means going through the memories of our family, retracing a tale the spans almost 100 years.

About Us

Find out who we are



Mariangela Federighi

"We win together"

When I started Blanc MariClò toghether with my sister Claudia, I was determined to create a line ...



Claudia Federighi

"It's only rock and roll but i like it."

As perhaps all women, I am millions of seemingly contrasting things together: I like playing ...

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